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Revitalizing Lexington Park - Linda's Cafe Being Forced to Vacate

Linda’s Cafe has been in business in the same location on Lexington Park for 35 years. She has been informed by her landlord that she must vacate the property in order to make way for a new Royal Farms gas station/convenience store (right across from Pax River Gate 2). I’m for free markets, but do we really need another gas station/convenience store….there?!? There are already 4 others within a mile not to mention the 2 run down and vacated stations within less than 1/2 a mile of that location. I agree with Linda that Lexington Park, especially the area in that immediate vicinity, needs to be revitalized, not cleared out for more dollar stores, vape shops, or gas stations. Lexington Park needs a growth and revitalization strategy. I’ll be interested to hear what the St. Marys County Commissioners have to say about this on Monday. Will they provide the leadership necessary to institute an strategic growth plan for Lexington Park?

Paid for By Tim Gowen for Southern Maryland, Iris Cruz Treasurer

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